Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fox Ears

**Ravelry Pattern Page**

-Worsted weight yarn in desired fox colors. Orange, black and white (I used Patons Canadiana)
-Double pointed needles in size 4US
-Yarn needle to sew up ear!

Outer Ear-- using the orange yarn
-cast on 32 sts (8sts first needle, 16sts second needle, 8sts third needle)
-knit for 20 rounds
-knit 6sts, k2tog, ssk, knit12 sts, k2tog, ssk, knit 6 sts
-change to black yarn and knit 3 rounds 

-knit 5sts, k2tog, ssk, knit10 sts, k2tog, ssk, knit 5 sts
-knit 1 round
-knit 4sts, k2tog, ssk, knit8 sts, k2tog, ssk, knit 4 sts
-knit 1 round
-knit 3sts, k2tog, ssk, knit6 sts, k2tog, ssk, knit 3 sts
-knit 1 round
-knit 2sts, k2tog, ssk, knit4 sts, k2tog, ssk, knit 2 sts 
-knit 1st, k2tog, ssk, knit2 sts, k2tog, ssk, knit 1 st

-k2tog, ssk, k2tog, ssk
--kind of a finicky next 2 rounds but decrease until 1 stitch left to pull yarn through and thread yarn to inside of ear and tie off. No need to weave in end since ear will be sewn shut!
---outside of ear done! Now make a second one!!

White Inside of Ear
-Cast on 11 sts (I just used 2 dpns for this, knit flat)
-Knit/purl for 18 rows
-ssk, knit across until 2 sts from end, k2tog
-purl row
-ssk, knit across until 2 sts from end, k2tog

-Purl row
-ssk, knit across until 2 sts from end, k2tog
--keep repeating the decreases until all sts are decreased and end pulled through last stitch

---Done! Now make another one!

Take the white part and lay it on the outer ear part so the ends meet up on the bottom. Using the yarn ends from the white inner ear sew the white part onto the outer ear part (with the flat knit side out)
--- Do it again for the second ear!

Now attach to your toque, hat, beenie, head band, WHATEVER!


  1. I heard a joke one time and the punch line was "wear the fox hat". Your hat made me giggle!

  2. thank you for the pattern! I'm going to be "what does the fox say" for halloween, and these ears will really top the costume off!