Friday, March 2, 2012

Checkered Toque

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----Project notes from other knitters---
People have stated that this hat has been turning out small for them. It is an easy solution to fix that. You can cast on more stitches (keeping with a number that is still divisible by 4 to still fit in the checkerboard pattern) Or when it says to increase stitches after the ribbing you could cast on more there as well (multiples of 4)
Just remember to not pull the yarns too tightly.

Yarn- Patons Classic Wool Merino (worsted weight) approx. 1/2 ball each color
--In the pattern mc will stand for main color and cc will be the contrast color. The ribbing will be worked in the main color

Needles- US 4 (3.5mm) circular needle and/or DPNS
US 7 (4.5mm) circular needles and/or DPNS
Gauge- 5 sts per inch

Other supplies needed- Yarn needle for weaving in ends and stitch markers to mark the beginning of the round as well as where to decrease.

-Using the smaller needles cast on 84 stitches put marker (pm) at beginning of round.
-Being careful not to twist, join in the round and begin the ribbing K2 P2 for 1 inch.
-Next round change to bigger needles and increase 12 stitches evenly (after every 7 stitches). Knitting all stitches. --I used the m1 increase.
-This round bring in your contrast color *knit 2 stitches in cc, 2 in mc and continue the round knitting 2 stitches of each color being careful not to pull the carrying yarn too tight.
- Do a second round in the same k2 cc k2 mc
- This next round knit 2 mc then knit 2 cc* and continuing that around for this round and the next
-Follow these last 4 rows from * to * until the hat measures 6 inches from needle to bottom of ribbing.
-- Set up row for decreases-- Put marker (pm) after every 16 sts (keeping in pattern)
- Keep knitting with the checkered pattern but make sure to decrease (k2tog) before each marker every round up until there is 6 sts left on the needles. To get the solid lines forming the decrease spiral just choose the mc or the cc each time even if it doesn't keep with the checkered pattern.
- When those last 6 sts are on the needles cut the yarns and using the yarn needle thread the tail through the last few stitches pulling them in tight and then weaving in all of the ends.


  1. To get the solid lines you choose mc or cc to k2t? I do not understand.

    1. Doesn’t matter. Just us the same one each time. :))