Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Butt-On Toque

 ***Link to Ravelry Project Page***
-DK weight yarn (I used Madeline Tosh Merino DK in Grasshopper)
-US 7 circs/dpns
-Stitch markers to mark beginning of round and decrease points
-1 RAD button!
- Cast on 84 sts and join in the round with out twisting. Put a marker to indicate start of round 
- Knit every round until the hat is nice and slouchy (mine was approx 8 inches with the edge rolled)
- Knit 14 sts, place marker. Repeat across round for decrease points
- Begin decreases-- k12, k2tog, repeat across the round
- Knit 2 rounds
- K11, k2tog, repeat across the round 

- Knit 2 rounds  
- K10, k2tog, repeat across the round  
- Knit 1 round  
- Knit9, k2tog, repeat across the round  
- Knit round 
- Repeat until you k2tog across the round and cut a tail and sew it through the remaining stitches…
- Get a rad button and sew it on with a bit of the hat gathered under it
- Weave in all the ends and DONE!


  1. I just saw this on Ravelry and wanted to tell you how cute it is! I can't wait to try the pattern!

    1. thanks! when you do try the pattern out let me know if there are any confusing parts or something doesn't work out! I wrote it just from memory (I use a basic hat recipe most of the time)